Jill + Gabe

It always means a little more to us when we are working with someone that we have known.  Jill is special to us, because we both work in the Wedding Industry -- all of the beautiful decorations and floral design is done by the bride, yes the bride! (Rumor has it, she was at the facility until around 3:00am the day of her wedding!!) After we had a little fun at some of Gabe's property during the first look -- Jill and Gabe were just ready to get to their friends and family!  Check out all of the great moments from their wedding...and for any of you future brides, don't forget to contact her (Floral Designs by Jill), for all of your decor and floral needs! 

Congratulations Jill and Gabe!

Posted on December 16, 2014 .