At Diamond Productions, we are always working hard on something in the editing studio.  While we strive to make each of our edits perfect and custom to each of our customers, editing is not an instant process and does take some time.  We can assure you that we are paying close attention to your footage, and working very hard on creating the best overall project possible.  

Where we would love to update you on every step of the process, it is simply a poor use of our time, but we promise to keep our "edit list" as up to date as possible. As always, if you have any questions about your specific project, please feel free to contact us. 

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The Editing Process

Although we had a blast on your wedding day, the real fun begins when we start taking raw footage and creating a wedding film.  

Step 1. 

Importing -- this is where we take all of the footage from the cameras, and create specific folders on our servers that are custom to only you. 

Step 2. 

Logging -- in most cases we shoot…a lot. Logging is the process of narrowing down the great footage, from the good stuff.  We have to take some of it out, or you would be stuck watching a 6 hour film. 

Step 3. 

Music Selection for Trailer -- this is the time that we try to select the perfect track for your wedding trailer.  Sometimes it happens really quick because you tell us what you would like, sometimes... it's a very drawn out process and we won't stop until we get just the right one. 

Step 4.

First Cut -- during the first cut, we are finding small highlights from the entire day, we have the awesome task of making a sometimes 8 hour day, into a 4 minute highlight film.  

Step 5.

Revisions & GFX -- we always make little changes here in there to make our work even better, it is also at this time that we add a few GFX, in most cases this is relatively quick process. 

Step 6.

Color Grading -- it is this step that the common man really doesn't understand. We always make every effort on location to have the proper equipment to light your event appropriately; however, during a wedding day that is fast paced and in several locations, it just isn't possible for it to be perfect every time.  Color correction allows us to fix any potential error in color. 

Step 7.

Final Review -- this is the last chance we will get to review a trailer before it is sent to export. 

Step 8. 

Export -- once we begin to export, there is no additional changes that can be made, before the film sees the light of day. 

Step 9. 

Upload -- this is the step that most of our customers love, this is when they finally get to see their wedding trailer.  

Step 10.

Repeat all of the above -- However, instead of a 4 minute film, we are now working on each process for a 45 minute to 1.5 hour film. 

Edit List

Wedding Edits will be updated at the first of every month!

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Charity + Nic

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Kimberly + Caleb



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